Achievements and Responsibilities

2019 Cooperation with the security sector of the response organization to the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival in Zug
2017 Administrative investigation of a senior police officer from another canton
2013 - 2017 Chief of Staff, Gemeindeführungsstab der Stadt Zug (Zug city crisis command staff)
2013 - 2014 Schaffhausen Police, project leader of test planning of police and security center
2013 Support for BOA AG in Rothenburg/Lucerne, on security issues during consultation procedures pertaining to mass layoffs according to Article 335d of the Swiss Code of Legal Obligations
2013 Schaffhausen Police: workshop with the entire police force on future scenarios and development
2012 Swiss Police Institute, Neuenburg: development and execution of «Security in Cities and Communities» course - technical head and instructor
2012 Schaffhausen Police: report on checking/verification of activities and structures
2012 SSZ Zug: personnel training, security issues
2010 - 2012 Aargau cantonal Police: annual two-day seminars for head officers' staff
2011 Uri cantonal Police: two-day seminar for mid-level officers
2010 Bundesamt für Gesundheit (Federal Office of Public Health): external evaluation for crisis management systems in epidemic outbreak situations
2005 - 2007 Basel-Stadt cantonal Police: as Police Commander, oversight and organization of approximately 1'000 employees
2001 - 2002 Canton Zug Finance Department: as first secretary, formulation and execution of comprehensive middle- and long-range financial strategy
1996 - 1999 Zug cantonal Police: project leader of new police headquarters as chief of staff
1980 - 1995 Civil and military hand-to-hand combat instructor