Criminal Defense

As criminal defender, I am fully and completely committed to my clients’ interests. They can rely and depend on my long experience as both criminal and administrative legal expert and crisis negotiator.

Publications on Police and Criminal Law

2018 Commentary on police law of canton Zurich, Donatsch, Jaag, Zimmerlin (editors), author of section five, §§ 45-48, members of the police
2017 Guidelines to the regulations of cantons' agreement on private security services operations, > Themen > Private Sicherheitsunternehmen > Aus- und Weiterbildung KÜPS > Richtlinien
2014 Co-author: Basel Commentary on the New Swiss Criminal Procedure Code, 2nd Ed.
2007 Co-author: Lehrmittel «Führung im Polizeieinsatz», Schweizerisches Polizei-Institut (Teaching paper: «Leadership in Police Activities», Swiss Police Institute)
1999 Dissertation: Zurich University, Theme «Verdeckte kriminalpolizeiliche Ermittlungsmassnahmen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Observation» (Covert Investigative Measures for Police Criminal Cases - Surveillance)